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Madonna JUY-468 Minako Komukai Madonna distinct Entertainer 2nd volume

Release Date: Dec 06, 2018

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日本AV Minako who got here home after visiting the grave for a long term. My dad and mom 'residence additionally disappears and there may be no vicinity to live, so it is going to be a night live at my pal' s Wae ... My son, Masato, who knew approximately it, bore his coronary heart with the desire and exhilaration that a longing woman will visit after a long time. And whilst remembering the primary kiss along with her, Masato instructed her her unchanging feelings .... two folks who communicate with every different, looking for satisfaction with enthusiasm for delight. but this kind of dating can by no means remaining all the time ....

墓参りで久々に帰省した美奈子。実家も無くなり、泊まる場所も無いので友人の和江に泊めてもらう事となり…。それを知った和江の息子・雅人は憧れの女性が久しぶりに訪れる期待と興奮で胸を弾ませるのだった。そして彼女とのファーストキスを思い出しながら、雅人は変わらぬ想いを彼女に告げて…。心が通じ、快感に身を委ねて享楽を求め合う二人。だがそんな関係はいつまでも続くはずはなく…。 through Javfinder

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