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prestige BGN-043 FHD Haruka Oohinata Newcomer prestige specific Debut

Release Date: Oct 16, 2018

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A 21-yr-old stunning female who attracts a carefree smile "Haruka Oshima" enters the AV global as a status extraordinary actress! A stunning female with a first-rate body with anybody being disadvantaged of his thoughts will screen its skin before the digicam! top notch smile related to surroundings, embarrassment in top notch studio shoots, expectancies for brand spanking new studies .... First shot starts offevolved at the same time as displaying diverse facial expressions! in case you suck on soft breasts you'll observe a smooth breath and worsen the sensual lower part of the body, the love will overflow from the pussy! numerous excessive stimuli which have in no way been tasted convey out the first 'squirting' of lifestyles and carving numerous peaks into it. A stunning girl who combines a golden ratio body and an extraordinary sexual technique enters the status! it's far!

屈託の無い笑顔を魅せる21歳の美少女『大日向 遥』がプレステージ専属女優としてAV界に進出!誰もが心を奪われる程輝かしい身体つきを持つ美少女がカメラの前に素肌をさらけ出す!周囲を巻き込む華やかな笑顔、非日常的なスタジオ撮影での戸惑い、新たな経験への期待…。様々な表情を見せながら初撮りがスタート!柔らかな乳房に吸い付けば艶かしい吐息を漏らし、肉感的な下半身を刺激すればマンコから愛液が溢れ出す!今まで味わったことのない数多くの強烈な刺激が人生初の‘潮吹き’を導き出し、数多の絶頂をその身に刻み込んでいく…。異彩を放つ黄金比ボディと類稀な性技を兼ね備えた美少女がプレステージに降臨!!

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