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Takara TV MOND-129 Yuu Konishi Younger Brother's Wife Which Is Drunk In The Brother Of UmaNami

Release Date: Jun 16, 2017

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My husband is the second son of an asset, but I dislike my life and I am up to Tokyo. I met Yu and got married. I have never been to my husband's parents house before, but this time for the first time in a couple. My parents had a brother-in-law, and I was not in a good mood for Yui in the nostrils saying I was rich. I heard that my husband had never cared about a woman because of such personality, and in Yu, I became feeling that a bit of drinking fell. The next morning, Yu who saw a brother-in-law in pants was puzzled. My brother-in-law is a bad guy, but the dick is dreadful. There is no dissatisfaction with my husband's things, but if you see me, my brother-in-law might be a virgin. I was caught, when I inserted, when I robbed the virgin, etc. Yu embraced the slutty delusion. It is a target item "price guarantee of reservation goods". For details, please click here. "Convenience store receipt" target item. For details, please click here.